Blades in Paradise C1E1: The Crackshot, The Old-Timer, the Muscle, and the Conman

Decades ago, society collapsed, but our corporate overlords rebuilt it in their image. Welcome to the City of Paradise, built into the frame of Mount Rainier. Join our heroes, the Express Service Parcel Network, as they make their way through the bustling metropolis and learn what the true meaning of Paradise is.

ESPN are given a job to deliver some rare contraband – children’s books. Can they triumph over dastardly challenges like stairs, a sassy teenager, and gravity? Also, what’s with all the dead rats?



Paul as the GM

Jim as the good Doctor Winston Theroux

Queen as Lizzie Calhoun

Justin as Maximilian Graves

Riley as Stirling

Blades in Paradise is a steampunk dystopian TTRPG Actual Play production performed with Jim Harper’s Blades in the Dark system, developed by our sponsor, Evil Hat Productions. You can pick up Blades in Paradise from the Evil Hat Store using Code BARDROCK10 now through the end of June 2024 to save on your order.

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