Our Projects

Here at the Bard Rock Network, we have an ever growing roster of podcasts, streams, and videos dedicated to TableTop RPG (TTRPG) content.

Bard Rock Cafe

Our flagship show, Bard Rock Cafe’s first campaign explores the Dungeons and Dragons (DND) setting of Waterdeep, where the arrival of a strange meteor seems to cause holy magic to stop working entirely, and many individuals to be afflicted with chaotic, random, wild magic. Among those cursed with this wild magic are our party- Brock Song, Epi, Rook, Roland Armbar, and Nadir. Join our heroes as they try to solve the mystery of the obelisk in the basement of the titular Bard Rock Cafe, and why the heavens have gone silent!

Bard Rock Extended Universe

While the Bard Rock Cafe crew explore the mysteries of Waterdeep and her mysterious obelisk, a myriad of other adventures are happening. Whether into the distant past or far-flung future. Whether out in the vastness of space or confined to a single vibrant town. Whether in the familiar spaces we know or unknown planes of existence. Every adventure tied together by those ephemeral strings of Fate.

Blades in Paradise

In a distant future, fossil fuels dried up and we never invested enough in energy technology to replace them. Society collapsed and much of modern technology was lost.

Today, our corporate overlords rebuilt society in their image. Geothermal plants built into mountains are the center of new cities. One such city is called Paradise, because it’s heaven on earth. Join our heroes, the Express Service Parcel Network as they smuggle contraband into, out of and around the city. What will they find beneath the surface of this supposed corporate utopia?

College of Whispers

We live in a golden age of TTRPG actual play content- there are literally hundreds of creators to choose from, and you may just not have the time to try them all. Hosts Marty and Vickey want to guide you on your actual play journey in College of Whispers, where he and rotating guest hosts discuss actual play podcasts, streams and video series. Learn about the characters and stories in this spoiler-lite talk-show style review show so you can find your next actual play podcast obsession!

Monster Cafe

When you need someone to deal with a monster problem, you need someone who is smart, brave, and qualified. The VanHellmans family is none of those things. But what they lack in skill, they make up for with a tricked-out RV, more guns than the state of Texas, and the power of arson. Do these descendants from the hunters who slayed the vampire, Dracula, have what it takes to stop the things that go bump in the night? Grab a grilled cheese and find out as Utah’s premiere monster hunting family travels across the country causing more problems than they solve on Monster Café!

Wayfaring Strangers

Welcome to Wayfaring Strangers, a seasonal TTRPG Actual-play podcast hosted by members of prog-rock band, Winter Wayfarer! Join Collin Hop, Marty Balmer, Jake Garrett, Eldon Soriano (Warner), and Ryan Vande Vegte as they weave tales of heroism, heartbreak, and personal growth. With original music composed by members of the band, sessions recorded in the band’s own recording studio, and a pinch of classic Winter Wayfarer comedy, this is an audio experience worth listening to!!