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Dragon Master Games

Dragon Master GamesDragon Master Games is a local game store based in the Binghamton, NY area. But even if they’re not local to your area, you can still shop at their online storefront for tabletop Roleplaying games, trading card games, and all of the relevant accessories. Be sure to thank them for supporting Bard Rock Network if you get a chance!

“They’re a great store with excellent customer service and friendly staff, and they have generously taken a chance on supporting our network since its infancy. They also provide a spacious gaming area where locals can come in to play their favorite games in person. We cannot recommend them enough!”

Minva RPG

Minva RPGHave you ever wished your players took better campaign notes in your Tabletop RPG home games? Help them improve as note takers with campaign journals from Minva RPG. They have customized journals for several different popular systems that are laid out to help your players laser focus on the information they need to record.

“I bought a set of these journals for his Dungeons and Dragons Home game and his players love them. They excitedly flip through their books for information from prior sessions to reference prior events and NPCs. It’s really helped them bring the game alive in their imaginations.”

Fanroll Dice

Fanroll DiceFanroll by Metallic Dice Games is a prolific dice maker in the tabletop roleplaying space. With dice that come in resin, metal, wood, silicone and pretty much everything in between, they’re bound to have a design you’ll love to roll with. And that’s in addition to their wide assortment of dice trays, dice bags, and dice towers.

“I got a set of dice from Fanroll that I love to use on my podcast. But I don’t just roll them for myself- the players can roll the “Felix Dice by Fanroll Dice” once per session for particularly important rolls. My players absolutely love the mechanic and the dice!”

Many Worlds Tavern

Many Worlds TavernMany Worlds Tavern is a gaming focused coffee and tea company with a wide variety of homemade flavors in both. Try their homemade tea blends like Sage’s Gate, Hazy Hills, or their coffee blends like Treasures Realm, and Dragon’s Nest. Whether you want something caffeinated or decaf, or something fruity and herbal, they are sure to have something that suits your needs.

“Not only is their tea and coffee exceptional, but it comes with free goodies! Qualifying orders come with free dice, and we have also seen custom Magic: The Gathering tokens. They really can help you level up your game night. Give them a shot!”