Bard Rock Cafe Episode 1: The Ring of Fire

The campaign comes in hot with a fire at the Bard Rock Cafe after a mysterious object falls from the sky. Can our heroes make it out safely?

Our Cast:

Kenny as the DM

Khadeja as Rook.

Stephanie as Epi.

Paul as Brock.

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bardrock cafe is brought to you by and viewers like you links to sassy gamers our patreon and our social media accounts can be found in the show notes all right so everyone you all find yourselves in the bard rock cafe everybody go ahead and introduce which character you are playing

all right i’m playing brock song and what is brock’s song doing today i’m up on the stage as the audience joins us they see brock on stage he says hello welcome to the bard rock cafe i’m brock song the proprietor and entertainment this evening all right steffie

you play epi what is epi doing at the bardrock cafe right now okay well effie is here to see his fence again because thankfully when a certain bard is up on stage giving his performance nobody’s paying too much attention to the tiefling in the corner trying to shovel some diamonds across the very very subtly trying to shove some diamonds over okay and khadija rook she’s bored she’s uh she’s got some off time right now between jobs she is kind of resting put her feet up on the table towards the perimeter of the cafe and she’s throwing one of her daggers mindlessly in the air and watching it fall into her hand over and over

all right as you’re all going about your daily business

you hear a commotion outside you hear people shouting what are they shouting you can’t make it out

you get the sense that it’s kind of a curious kind of awe struck sound that gradually transitions to panicked yelling all right so the first thing i do is i stop playing the rocking flute so i’ve been playing this whole time so we can hear what’s going on even rook’s ears prick up but she doesn’t move okay eppy slips his little bag of goods back into his pocket just in case the the commotion is you know just cuz you know little jumpy uh kind of looks towards the window is there anything you can see so effie looks out the window you are meeting with felix the fence right now so you are actually in the second floor back room so you have a pretty good view of what’s going on outside what you see is a bunch of guards running around they’re all looking up and you see people

running away away from the bard rock cafe oh i gotta look up and see

okay you look up you can’t quite see from this vantage point uh you do see what seems to be a strange cloud structure in the sky i turned to felix and i’m like

so um tell me something do you know why everybody’s freaking out outside he looks kind of peeks out and he says ah that does not bode well we should probably end in the middle of a statement

one of the city watch bursts through the front door and he says everybody out everybody needs to get out right now go go go rook jumps to her feet so brock actually starts going around uh he’s got a captain goes down with the shipment out he’s trying to help everybody else get out before he exits himself so he’s like trying to point people at tables say you go out then you and then you to try and get them organized so they don’t trample each other rook squeezes her tiny frame between people and pushes herself out the front door okay epi you would hear this i think it’s time to grab the fence and make our way out the door i’m going to look at them quick question quick question is the front door the only way out of here or is there like a um is is there maybe a uh a different way felix is in the middle of sliding the window open and he has just it looks to be a bag of holding at his side he says please i haven’t used the front door in a long time

and he hops out the window i’m going to look down out the window and quietly say to myself i gotta learn how to do that and um i think i’m gonna book it for the front door okay i need everybody to make me a dexterity saving throw rook because you already made your way outside you can make it an advantage an advantage yeah good thing too i got 25 i rolled a beautiful two noted so i rolled a 19. all right so khadija your character rook has she runs outside notices that there is a gigantic ball of flame rocketing from the west right towards the bard rock cafe and you just barely make it out in time

as it strikes right dead center you see it take the second floor completely out and the building is engulfed in flame brock you find yourself trapped underneath rubble

epi you managed to

find some cover kind of against slash beneath the staircase you are not restrained underneath a pile of wood and stone the building is on fire not everyone is out there’s no structural integrity left what did you all do all right am i pinned down by the rubble or it’s just obscuring my ability to go anywhere you are pinned down right now all right i would like to cast enhanceability on myself with uh bull’s strength all right and then and uh i would like to i would like to then try lifting the rubble off of myself so i can get out okay roll athletics

i rolled an 18 and i think i have advance i have advantage on that because of the strength check right yes okay let’s see if i can go for that 19 or 20. 18 again right and then minus 1 because i have bad strength so 17. that’s enough you manage to dig yourself out

you see just chaos around you that’s it for your turn effie what are you doing well um how many people are still in here make a perception chick all right 17 plus 2 19. you count about five people that are still here either trapped underneath rubble you do see a girl cowering in the far corner that’s what you see okay well i think um eppy might be you know a little terrified of the fact that the building’s on fire but my god i’m a good person i’m going to um

make a break for the door but first you eppy pulls out of his pocket just this little twig of wood with a string tied to it mutters something and you see it spool up around it and i cast unseen servant to go get the little girl out from there okay your unseen servant is making its way over to the little girl and on my way out i’m gonna say the butler will help you just go with it run out the door okay and rook what is your response to this rook is flabbergasted by the flames in front of her but her mind jumps to one thing her lifeline to her job she looks around her to see if she can see felix’s face real perception i received 15. so you you look over to where he would normally run and you do catch a glimpse of him just peeking out of an alley your eyes meet just for a second he gives you a grin and a wink and he disappears down the alleyway

so you have seen felix exit the bard rock cafe in this manner before only once the one time the guard decided to come knocking jerk rope mutters under her breath with a little smile there’s a sense of relief so things are now absolutely chaotic the people on the street were hit by a bunch of debris there are wounded people on the ground some people have been hit by like entire stones or a two by four of wood there’s unconscious civilians a couple of guards have been injured uh the city watch that aren’t injured are running back towards the cafe trying to get inside to get some people out so the unseen servant does make it to the tiny girl

uh she can’t really see anyway so she doesn’t realize that this thing is invisible which is probably good because she takes its hand and is allowing herself to be led out rock you have another round what would you like to do all right uh first i wanted to see like if i recognize any of the people that are here like my staff or like regulars uh you do see your hired muscle unconscious under some rubble all right but the other staff aren’t here the uh server the cooking the bartender all made out okay you don’t see them okay at this point i’m coming to my senses because i was kind of dazed from having that stuff drop on me and i say uh what in bahamut’s beard happened here and i look and i see the fires and i i’m trying to figure out and are the fires small enough that i can put some of them out using presta digitization you can put out a little bit of it with press and digitization but it’s to the point now it’s it is everywhere okay it would it would not help okay so i go to the nearest person trapped under rubble and i’m gonna do a strength attack to try and lift the rubble so they can get out from under it okay this person is conscious go ahead and make an athletics check at advantage because of your spill uh 13 for the first roll so that’s gonna be 12 with my strength modifier and then a nine so i will take the 12. okay you are able to start digging them out but it’s a process there’s a lot of heavy stuff on top of them and they are freaking out and not exactly helping themselves by moving around

go ahead and make a constitution saving throw for me

uh that is a six plus two it’s eight okay so you’re going to take

six points of damage from the from the flames around you oh that knocks me down to four as you try to help people get out and you see city watch bursting through the front door all right and then can i just as a free action just yell help and to try and get someone to come over and help me lift this rubble yes help people are trapped so brooke and effie you both hear that happy what are you doing well i am um i’m not well known for my uh rippling muscles let’s just put it that way so

what let’s see would i be able to um see from did i make it out first of all yes you are outside okay do i see any strong people around me i see a lot of city watch any of them uh not going in to help everyone there do seem to be a few that are cordoning off the area okay so they’re all busy ah see that i am going to um i’ll run back in and from where i’m at um am i able to so basically there what do i see when i peek my head back in or run back in a little bit you see pretty much what you saw before um you do see your unseen servant making its way back towards the door with the girl and it’s not concentration so i can still cast spells

is anybody freaking out so much that they can’t run away or are they all pretty much pinned so you see three people pinned the little girl is not pinned and is on her way out then there’s one guy that is hyperventilating like behind the bar i’m gonna go to that guy i’m going to kneel down next to him just as cool as a cucumber and um basically i’m just going to put a hand on his shoulder and very calmly say while casting charm persian oh who are you what do you want the fire’s everywhere i i see this poor freaking out man and with a very subtle charm person the raven queen compels you come with me it is not your time i’m gonna try and lead him out if the charm person works that is a nat one so yeah the charm person works good so i i don’t know who that is okay where are we going oh god there’s so much fire i know it’s an awful lot of fire it is an awful lot of fire i’m gonna see if i can drag him out calm yourself calm yourself there’s nothing to be afraid of you have the blessing of a god he does take your hand and allow you to lead him towards the entrance the charm is more powerful than his panic and he does seem to get a bit of his wits but he is still wide-eyed and shaking

rook rook is interested in looking at the perimeter of the building and seeing if there is another entrance into this pile of rubble that used to be the bardrock cafe so it’s like is there even if it’s a narrow opening that i could that rook could like squeeze into she just wants to be able to find it sure so the structure is collapsing in on itself there is a part of the back wall that used to be you know hole but there is a collapsed portion that you could probably squeeze through okay so um if i can squeeze through that i will get my little body through and take a look at what’s inside because i haven’t seen any what’s um what’s going on in there yet okay so from that perspective go ahead and roll perception check okay i rolled a 22. all right

you are looking down into a very surprisingly narrow hole into the cellar

and between the plumes of smoke that are coming up everywhere you catch a glimpse of what appears to be

a structured object it’s not just a rock it’s not it’s not just a meteor it looks like it’s it’s carved and made of something that’s not just regular stone you also see three people pinned down you do see brock the owner of the bardrock cafe trying to pull one person out and you see city watch now coming inside to try and help out rook would rather not get in the way just at this second and would rather investigate this structure this mysterious stone so i guess i would like to look at the carvings and see if i recognize anything about it sure so it is down a story in the cellar oh okay so i climbed down so i climbed down one story um is that a check yeah go ahead and make an acrobatic check unless you want to run all the way around to the seller entrance sounds like a check to me i failed i had a critical failure i rolled a one so it’s seven total yeah yeah so you start trying to make your way down in the hole and a bit of the floor gives away underneath you because again structural integrity not really there right now

so you fall not very gracefully and you do take about four points of damage as you hit the floor right next to the meteor

all righty noted poor rook so um but i’m still able to walk rook shakes off the pain groans and tries to make her way towards the mysterious structure okay so the good news is smoke rises so there’s almost no smoke down here and because it’s underneath the ground and it’s mostly stone and dirt walls there’s not really much fire down here you’re able to see pretty clearly it is an obelisk with the pointed top pierced about three feet into the ground

all right there are it seems like it’s made of obsidian and there are cracks running all through it and you see glowing symbols all across not the square base but the pointed part of the obelisk all along its length going into the ground you do see golden symbols what in so does rook recognize if the symbols are runes or if it’s a language or what languages do you speak i speak sylvan alvin common you do not recognize it okay you recognize that it is a language all right and not ruins mysterious mysterious

rook wants to look around and just make sure that there’s nobody knocked out around her nobody in the basement just a lot of broken wine bottles all right all right i’m gonna do one more round brock go ahead and do what you’re gonna do you now have a city watchman helping you with this person all right i i take a couple deep breaths and i go all right you can do this and i cast healing award on myself it’s a bonus action so i rolled d4 i rolled three plus three is six i heal that six back and then i’m going to with the help of the city watch i’m gonna do my strength check again to try and free this patron

i rolled nine minus one eight for the first roll come on advantage 19. that’ll do it i bet so the city watch just gets there to try and help you and you like snap your finger your wounds heal up and you just like grab this guy by the scruff and yank him out the city watch like stops for a second he’s like right it moves on to the next person all right and then i guess i will fire him and carry this guy out the door yeah this guy is a little stunned at being pulled out like that he’s got some scrapes and cuts go ahead and make a constitution saving throw as you make your way back out of the bard rock cafe

i rolled at five you take four points of fire damage as you make your way through the flames in the smoke uh you’re having a hard time breathing but it’s not too bad yet you’re outside of the bardrock cafe eppy okay so i have a question would i be able to either put out some flames or reinforce the structure by freezing it over you can certainly try okay so with the guy successfully walking out and my unseen servant getting the girl to leave obscured slightly by the smoke epi pulls just something with a glint in it out of his pocket he seems to crumble in his hand and he just holds his fists up to his face and blows through it and you just watch as ice comes out in like this sphere and smashes into the area that looks either the most on fire the most likely to fall down trying to freeze it over i am casting chromatic orb okay cool so the way you cast it because you are kind of over by the bar you angle it diagonally so that it covers the most ground possible and you kind of disperse a lot of the smoke for a moment and you put out a nice clear path of fire down the center of the bard rock cafe i will say that you managed to avoid striking any individual with it because that is a fairly beefy spell you have created a little safer environment the bard rock cafe is still on fire is there anything else you would like to do with your round then i would like to um call out into the crowd there’s still some people in here i’ve got the structure up just a little bit we need your help if you can okay go ahead and make a con save as you are still inside the smoky and on fire building okay ketchup dice don’t fail me now

okay 17 plus three is a 20. dirty 20. okay you take yeah you take no damage as you seem to be away from the flames and the smoke alright rook you’re in the basement with all the booze and the obelisk rook’s going to try and make it back up to the main floor um by climbing okay so you want to climb back up through the hole right okay and that’s acrobatics again roman athletics and then acrobatics okay sure

first one is so um my athletics was 11. and my acrobatics is 17. okay so you do manage to just make your way out of the basement you do have like shelves of alcohol that you are clawing your way up and you have to make a couple of awkward jumps but you’re pretty nimble you make your way back up to the first floor okay um so where am i um or like yeah what can i see i guess um in the cafe so you see that the city guard has pulled everyone mostly out one of the people is a woman she is standing there is a man that is lying on the ground not moving uh you do see the bouncer for the bard rock cafe he is also on the ground not moving if you glance outside you do see you know a a group of city watch is keeping people from getting close to the bardrock cafe there’s some dwarves with buckets running up towards the cafe it seems like you know whatever emergency response water deep has it has been activated people are trying to get this under control okay rook knows the bouncer from being in and out of the cafe so many times so she’s going to check and see if he’s alive or if you can be take dragged out somehow let’s just first see if he’s alive yeah so probably take the rest of year round to get to him and check okay uh roll a quick medicine check all right 11. yeah so i mean before you even get to him you do see like his chest is rising and falling it looks like he just took a really hard hit to the head i mean this is a pretty beefy guy but you know he got hit yep so he’s just out cold but he’s okay i think the act of physically moving him from this spot might be a task so is that the end of my turn yeah so as all this is happening you’re all stuck in the bardrock cafe uh actually go ahead and give me a con save since you are still inside oh yes another 11. that’s enough all right two so you do not take any damage this round what you all see and feel it it looks like an explosion but it doesn’t have any of the concussive force behind an explosion does that make sense like you know how the air kind of ripples when there’s a blast so kind of like a big flash yeah but like you definitely can watch it coming towards you very quickly does that make sense like you’re high on adrenaline right now you can see things kind of semi in slow motion it’s originating around the media and it just expands outward and it doesn’t have any influence on the physical world but you watch this wave of energy just burst out does it look like magic uh roller coaster okay

oh oh nat one that um that plus six pulls it up to a seven but uh this it’s still in that one can i roll arcana i am also of magical influence are you proficient uh an arcana no go ahead and roll i roll the 15 plus zero fifteen okay you are fairly certain this is something magical just based off of nothing physical that you can think of has this effect epi you don’t even know right also i meant to say plus one i was looking at my wisdom and my intelligence should be this so it’s 16 total i don’t think that changes it but i do want to be clear i do not have a plus zero to intelligence sure same same response it’s it’s magical you have no idea what kind of magic but it’s magical okay the the events play out everyone is brought outside there’s firefighters trying to get the flames under control it is a fairly large fire it’s taking a minute while we’re all standing out there and it’s you know being engulfed in flames i may uh walk up to to brock who i know is the owner just kind of pat him on the shoulder that’s a tough break

i hope you had n shards brock does not have words he’s actually like feeling very anxious have been looking around to see if his staff got out okay they didn’t have time to verify if they were still all in the building when he was trying to get out so you do see melody and harmony kind of over with some some city watch you see the cook over with another group of city watch uh it does look like the city watch is you know as they are verifying that people are uninjured they are moving them off to the side you do see uh looks to be some clerics of lathander making their way into ten to the wounded but i don’t see dj you do see him he’s over kind of by himself okay all right all right well yeah this is a this is a rough day but i think that as long as my staff are okay that’s the most important thing they’re my best friends kind of look around to see if i can see all of them what and i’ll count you a lucky man looks like they all made it out well i mean if you think about it bad luck is still kind of lucky you’re a very positive person i admire your outlook that when everything’s in flames around you your thought is you know what i still count that as a lucky have to admit it’s a very uh i suppose i could call it bright in you know second definition happy specifically yeah roman perception oh boy

oh wow okay so that was my first nat 20. with uh plus two okay so you see everything all right so here’s what you see you are watching the clerics get to work which you’ve seen before you know clerics healing people is not an uncommon sight it’s a little different because this is a crisis situation but it’s not working like you see them going through the motions to cast their spells and their spells aren’t working

and you see as one of the people that was down seems to have passed away and the clerics aren’t able to do anything and there is a growing commotion as they start talking to each other with a nat 20 you’re able to hear that none of them are able to cast any of their spells oh no that’s not uh excuse me excuse me just a moment and i’m going to run over there to this this recently deceased person i’m sorry i couldn’t help but overhear uh here allow me allow me do you do you have the necessary components i can probably try casting revivify i’m sure it’s fine uh one of the clerics is like we’ve tried that it’s not working can go ahead try here any hands you just immediately hands over some diamonds thank you thank you for your generosity um just a moment i will uh pray to the raven queen and i i take out my book and open it up to a page with lots of inscriptions on it and um if you guys are looking what you see is essentially um epi holds one of the diamonds up in his hand and sets another 300 gold diamond onto the book and you can see him muttering what looks to be a prayer as you know the the ink on the page starts to sort of broil up actually it starts smoking and you see the diamond that’s on the page it starts to glow and then cracks a little bit and the diamond in his hand he glows a little bit i guess and so he crosses his arms in front of him tucks his hands into his very long sleeves and the diamond and all of its glowing glory just tucks away into it too smoke billows up from this book in front of him and he just leans forward and blows and you watch as this smoke wafts over this dead person and seeps in and their eyes open he gasped and goes like where am i what’s going on well and the clerics are all wonderful oh he’s back he’s back i nod with the blessings of the raven queen it is not your time good sir welcome back to waterdeep so there’s no real time for any celebration the clerics kind of clap you on the shoulder and you know go back to tending to the wounded just with healers kiss and healing potions this man is alive uh rook you’re seeing all this you have been accosted by one of the city watch and are being shuffled over to one of the groups of survivors so rook is just being herded in front of a cafe yeah so anybody that’s not down and in need of immediate treatment is being basically grouped together with the rest of the survivors okay do i see this yeah and before long you and eppie are also taken that way okay do i hear any interesting snippet of conversation between the group of people that are around me everybody seems very confused about what’s happening uh a few people are mentioning that the clerics are having trouble but nobody’s really sure what’s going on everybody’s kind of pointing up at the sky you do see where like you see the pattern where the meteor entered the atmosphere and came through it because the clouds are kind of in a circular wavy pattern around that so where it was a sunny day like a minute ago it’s overcast now because of the disruption and everybody’s just very traumatized confused that’s what you hear okay so but and i i have heard about the healers not being able to heal yes so i’m curious about that i find that very interesting so i want to try and sneak away from the group and kind of get towards them actually i think i can help you out with this actually uh so uh when i see them trying to shuffle you off i actually i say uh excuse me i actually i think i can help with the healing i actually have some healing magic but my staff and if i could actually have them stay and help me and uh her as well she’s one she’s with me and uh because i’m a of noble birth i’m kind of trying to flex my noble muscles to kind of like influence the guards to like let my like those close to me stay with me while i help heal so because this is a crisis situation who you are actually kind of doesn’t matter but what you’re offering does and so they kind of the guards look to the clerics the clerics took to the guards they just like put their hands up like we don’t know what’s going on right now but yeah come on if he can help let him help all right all right so uh there now that they’re letting her i’m also just going to demonstrate that i can help i’m going to uh pull i’m going to pull out my flute and play some music and use it to cast healing word on one of the people do i need to roll or like i don’t know what their hp is i for the sake of this don’t worry about it you are helping to heal yep rook you have access to everyone okay

i think is there any member of the clergy or the clerics that looks like they’re higher ranking than the rest oh sure there is a head cleric that is kind of supervising where everyone’s going and looking very distraught okay i’m going to approach the head cleric i’m going to say excuse me quick word yes hello how can i help it’s more like i think well i’m not sure if it helps but i went inside i saw what crashed into the cafe i don’t recognize what it is though maybe you religious types would understand it’s in the basement okay what what crashed it was a immediate yes no no it’s an obelisk it doesn’t look like a meteor at all to me and obelisk right and it’s got some i don’t know what written on it she shrugs thought it would help so you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around you have no idea when this woman got here but you do recognize her she’s a young woman carrying a large black staff this is the head mage of the city her name is vajra her title is the black staff she is in charge of force gray which is the special forces of water deep and she is the head mage she says why don’t you tell me about it let the clerics do their work rook shrugs i’ll tell you the same thing i just told him um i saw an obelisk down there i know it’s what fell from the sky and it’s got some stuff written on it that well i don’t know what it is i see please stay in the area uh i need to have everyone here interviewed and checked out but thank you she kind of motions for you to join brock and eppie and everybody that’s helping out and she makes she looks like turns to take in the bardrock cafe am i able to pull my cloak hood over so that you know my face is at least slightly obscured rook makes her way over and that’s it all right so clerics are not able to do anything at all rook you do notice as very smoothly felix is making his way into the crowd from another alleyway completely different outfit from what he had on before his hairstyle is now slicked back instead of kind of bed head looking he just almost doesn’t look like the same person makes his way into the crowd that is the survivors that seems to be just hanging out there and you all see the black staff slam the black staff into the ground and the flames extinguish that is so cool effie cannot help but stare all right uh i i actually i approach her and say i don’t suppose you can uh you know fix that while you’re at it can you that’s going to take a bit more work i’m afraid yeah that’s what i was afraid of i thought it couldn’t hurt to ask thanks and i go back to healing okay so as the events unfold you’re all one by one taken to the side by one of the magisters and asked for your account of the events brock do you give like what do you tell them is there anything you would hold from them all right well all right well you see i was actually in the middle of one of my best flute solos when it happened and i stopped because i heard the commotion outside and the next thing i knew there was like something came crashing through the ceiling and i was buried in rubble and everything else from there was just a mess you see the magister is writing your account down okay but i want the record to reflect it was a very good flute solo right and he pauses and scratches a little bit on the paper and you see him riding very tiny in the margins anything else no i’m sorry that’s all i remember i just remember and at that point there was fire and structural damage uh you know i i do i i did everybody get out okay did there end like i know that one there was that one person my friend revived did everybody who was left when i got out did they all get out okay he kind of pauses and looks up to take an account and says it seems most people are all right until we get a better handle on the situation we won’t know for sure all right and uh is there anything that the city can do to help me with the loss of my building or the repairs in my building did you have insurance through one of the guilds uh did i you imagine you probably did oh yes yes i did then i would get in touch with the guild in charge of constructing your inn oh all right thank you and he just moves on to the next person if at all possible while they’re talking to everyone would i be able to very subtly cast alter self so that my facial structure was a lot different maybe rather than my little hooves i have actual feet and just little small details like that you can certainly try would you like to roll a sleight of hand and a stealth role for that matter no no i don’t think i could get away with that you might i might i might um um are they gonna recognize you as the miracle healer though but yeah so there are eyes on you right now you would know that in the middle of a crisis where no other cleric was able to successfully heal or revive someone you brought someone back from the dead okay then i’m just gonna swallow hard and be like okay this is fine this is fine so one of the magisters makes their way over to you are you the one who raised that man from the dead with the blessings of the raven queen anything is possible and i i still have my hood up i am here to record your telling of these events yeah he takes out a very large feather quill and a very large book it seems to be waiting on you of course of course i i would be happy to um recount my tale so i am i had been here of course when the meteor hit i was upstairs i was looking out over the crowd and well um everyone seemed a little panicked i looked up and sure enough i saw what was happening made a break for it downstairs i managed to duck underneath the stairs that are um currently not there anymore my uh good duty trying to help people get out i i helped a young lady make her way out and then i came back and there was a young man he was he was just terrified hiding beneath the bar and i i with the blessing of the raven queen helped him outside was a little a little panicked and after that i stopped the spread of the fire by uh icing over the roof a little and after that i was lending my assistance as an an acolyte of the raven queen i am able to uh help stabilize some of these that are more

and he kind injured he writes down everything he says like anything else if it’s all possible let me know if i can lend my assistance anywhere else thank you and he just moves on to the next person epping lets out a breath that he’s been holding and just kind of shuffles off a little bit yeah so the guy didn’t seem very interested in you or anything he seemed to be doing his job and it was while noteworthy ultimately it was just another day of responding to some problem rook what is your account that you give to the magister that comes up to you i was sitting inside when i heard it coming and the guard screaming for us to get out i got out and that’s what happened very well it’s pretty simple anything else uh i looked inside it’s a mess in there yes it is very well thank you for your testimony please remain with the group and it moves on and you you see uh felix over there giving his account you know that magister seems equally uninterested and the day comes to a close vajra does come up to the survivors and asked if anybody needs somewhere to stay or if anybody needs further assistance uh so i kind of lived upstairs vajra kind of caught some eyebrows i’m somewhat homeless right now yeah he caught an eyebrow and looks at the the bard rock cafe what’s left of it there is no second floor anymore very well i can make accommodations for you in the castle district at least until all this is sorted out that would be much appreciated thank you would your staff also need accommodations uh i actually i think the rest of them just lived nearby in town none of them like i don’t know if like any of them live close enough nearby that they were also affected by the strike but i’m the only person who lives in the cafe very well uh come with me a few other people are coming along it seems like the fire did spread a little bit past the cafe so there was some surrounding damage but the day comes to a close and that is day one of our campaign oh boy nobody died nobody died well one guy did yeah he’s fine i mean he got better

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